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 As a minority and women-owned business, we're committed to the fight for social justice and equality in cannabis. So, we've created an open education resource for equity applicants, BIPOC and women—owned businesses on our website. This portal will give you the resources and information you need to start a legal cannabis business. Here we will connect you with individuals and businesses in the cannabis industry that are open to sharing their knowledge and expertise with you.

Everyone admitted will be added to a private Slack workspace and added to specific Slack channels to collaborate with one another. If you have any questions or are having technical difficulties, please reach out to us at theherbx.info@gmail.com


We encourage everyone to sign up for these no-cost online courses prior to starting your business. 

With the HERBx Core Curriculum, you will develop business insights and learn to lead others to achieve strategic goals. You’ll learn the different functional areas of a firm, how each area defines success, and how the functions work together to create success in the marketplace. You will be able to build and lead successful teams, influence others, and deliver high-quality outcomes on time and within budget.

This curriculum has also been designed to grow your professional and social networks. We will help you find people like yourself, both in your region and around the world, who are looking to advance their careers. In addition to facilitated discussions in your classes, you will be encouraged to interact with colleagues in real time by forming small study groups, holding virtual coffee hours, and discussing current articles and trends in business.

Business Foundations
This is business in a nutshell; learn key concepts and frameworks that underpin business.

Marketing Management
Learn key marketing strategies and tactics to help your company develop products that match customers' needs, create awareness and demand for those products, and drive sales.

Leadership and Influence
Develop the skills to motivate and inspire others so you can confidently lead your organization to success.

Corporate Finance
Develop the ability to identify and resource high-value strategic initiatives and ensure a high rate of return for your firm's investments.

Financial Accounting
Financial accounting is the language of business. Learn to effectively interpret financial information to make sound decisions and confidently communicate to other leaders in your firm and with potential investors, shareholders, and creditors.

Data Analysis for Decision Making
Use data analysis to gather critical business insights, identify market trends before your competitors, and gain advantages for your business.

Digital Transformation in Business
Learn about the explosion of technologies that are transforming business and how to strategically leverage technologies to maximize the value--and minimize the risk--to your firm.


1. Decide What Business You Will Start 
  • Cultivation
  • Delivery
  • Distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
2. Consult with an Attorney 
3. Write a Business Plan
4. Incorporate Your Business Name and Enitity
  • LLC 
  • S-Corp
  • C-Corp
  • Non-Profit Organization
5. Statement of Information
  • CA Secretary of State requires all entities to file a Statement of Information within 90 days of incorporation.  The state also asks for this when applying for a cannabis license, so it’s worth getting done early on so that license application paperwork does not get held up.
6. Register Your Business and Obtain Required City and/or County Licensing or Permits
6. Register to Pay Taxes (Yay!)
7. Get an Accountant and Tax Specialist 
8. Get Funding & Raise Capital 
  • City Funded Grants
  • State Grants
  • Private Investors 
  • VC Firms
9. Develop Your Brand
  • Logo
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brand Vision
  • Brand Mission
  • Brand Story
  • Type/Font
  • Color Palette
  • Website/Domain
10. Trademark and Service Marks 
11. Marketing Strategy 



We reccomend using INCFILE. The total cost is $374 (3,000 value) and you recieve the following:

  • Preparing & Filing the Articles of Organization
  • EIN Business Tax Number
  • IRS Form 2553
  • Operating Agreement
  • Banking Resolution
  • Lifetime Company Alerts
  • Online Access Dashboard
  • Unlimited Phone & Email Support
  • Business Banking Account
  • Business Tax Consultation
  • Unlimited Name Searches
  • Business Contract Templates
  • Expedited Filing
  • Domain Name + Business Email

We recommend Gabriel Garcia at DJR García Law. 30 minute consultation is at no-cost for qualified applicants.

We recommend using Highly Recommened. The cost is $750 ($1,500 value) for social equity applicants and you recieve the following:
  • Logo
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brand Vision
  • Brand Mission
  • Brand Story
  • Type/Font
  • Color Palette
  • Color palette

If you want to create the website on your own, we recommened using the following platforms below. Most come with a free domain with the basic plan:
Beginner: SquareSpace or Wix (drag and drop website design, very user friendly)
Advanced: Wordpress (Allows you to create much larger websites but requires more technical knowledge. For example, on Wordpress you can create a more creative design where as Squarespace/Wix you are limited to certain templates.)
Non-Profits: Cargo (Free hosting/integration for 501c 3)


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